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  • Custom-designed Integrated Arts Workshops and Retreats
  • Classes in Adaptive Dance, Creative Dance, & Modern Dance
  • Artist-in-Residence Programs
  • Choreography & Performance Bookings


Range of Motion Arts advances the belief that the expansive capacity for creative expression available through dance, along with other art forms, is essential, enhancing our lives, both as individuals and in community. We seek to engage every ‘body’ in transformative experiences of self-discovery and group-awareness through educational, health care, and corporate programming centered in the arts.

 Dance and collage work created by Range of Motion Arts workshop participants.

The arts are as important as the sciences:  they are time-honored ways of learning, knowing, and expression. (They are) serious modes of inquiry and discovery in their own rights, and they are based on symbol systems no less complex, and no more transparent, than the symbol systems of mathematics and language.                         

                                 – From Research in Arts Education: Directions for the Future

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