Each workshop or series of workshops may be customized
~ meeting your goals ~
with attention to time & space considerations

Range of Motion Arts workshops are made up of a sequence of accessible, engaging activities that initially focus on the individual and then build more and more into collaborative efforts. While experiencing the creative process in a comfortable environment, participants are able to tap into dormant skills and strengths. The process evokes new confidence, increased risk-taking abilities, shifts in thinking, as well as openness to strengths of others.

Workshop Core Elements

Clarification of Individuality through accessible visual art explorations

Stress Reduction / Increased Energy & Focus through facilitated dance activities & creative play that connects mind & body

Maximization of Individual Contribution & Collaboration/Teamwork through the use of creative process

Empowerment through risk-taking, including group reflection & “informance”

Sample Customize-able Workshops

2-D to 3-D:  Creating From Image to Action

Composite 1

Often people can more easily express their ideas, first to themselves and then to others, using universal languages. This workshop uses alternative symbol systems to uncover, explore, and communicate ideas. Participants are guided through a process of really cool and accessible art-making that incorporates both visual and kinesthetic play.

Piecing it Together:  Mobile-Making for Dynamic Organizational Synthesis


Designed specifically for the business community, this workshop focuses on optimizing self-effectiveness, building on one’s ability to contribute constructively in challenging group settings. Participants will be led through a progression of creative experiences beginning with the individual and culminating in a group project. This fun and enticing process engages people because of its playful, active, and hands-on approach to teamwork.

Collaged Cubes:  Thinking Outside the Box

Composite 3

Inspiring three dimensional problem-solving, this workshop challenges us to think symbolically. Cubes are used to investigate both the interior, as well as the exterior uniqueness of the participants. This process allows for inquiries of self-perception and group perspective to be authentically investigated.

Human Landscape Project: Body as Environmental Metaphor